When entering North 56°4 from Norway we kindly bring notice to the fact that the B2C webshop is not open for sale. Please mail to info@north56-4.dk for info regarding the store closest to you.

Tall styles

The Tall clothing collection from North 56°4 is a contemporary mix of the latest styles which ensure a perfect fit for the tall man.  

All styles are available in size LT (large tall) - 6XLT (6Xlarge tall) or 34T’’-52T” to give you best possible comfort and appearance.

From classic to functional details, at North 56°4 you will find a fine selection of clothing for the Big & Tall man. Designers at North 56°4 make clothes for the tall man by e.g. adding extra length in the inseams and outer seams while adjusting the rest of the garment – doing it this way results in a perfect fit.

By having the right fit you become more confidence and it will help you to build your own sense of personal style. Our Tall collection is designed to mix and match, by doing so you can create the look you want whether you are going to work or just going out for a cozy evening.

Our clothes for the tall man include a large range of quality fabrics which are comfortable and extremely flattering.

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